Eat the Hell Out of It

Before Unix security class last night, waiting for dinner in a fast-food joint, a middle-aged man with an embarrassing pony tail and army boots is striding toward the counter, cramming bites of cheeseburger into his mouth as fast as he can. By the time he gets the attention of an employee, he’s eaten half the burger. He thrust the remains out at arm’s length, in the face of the unfortunate worker. Mouth half-full of food, he barked: “No cheese! Just a Jumbo Jack, no onions, no cheese. Just a plain Jumbo Jack!” The worker stared at him, said nothing, gave him one.

As J.R. Bob Dobbs said, “Don’t just eat a hamburger. Eat the hell out of it.” Somehow I don’t think this is what he meant.


Music: Caetano Veloso :: Meia-Lua Inteira (Full Half Moon)

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