The Oppressed Christian Minority

Reason Online: 4/5 of the country professes allegiance to some denomination of Christianity — hardly an oppressed minority. But every time someone or some organization decides to exchange a religiously specific phrase like “Merry Christmas” with a religiously neutral variant like “Happy Holidays,” the religious right (and even the non-religious radio right) cry foul, as if the curmudgeonly “liberal conspiracy” is now trying to extinguish Christmas itself — an “anti-Christmas Jihad” if you believe the ‘wingers. A ton of great links in this piece by Julian Sanchez.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

One Reply to “The Oppressed Christian Minority”

  1. The irony in the hateful and agenda-filled rallying cry “anti-Christmas JIHAD” is that “Merry Christmas” is suppose to be a celebatory phrase for Christians — a declaration of the good news, the messiah is born! These people have forgotten this and turned that wonderful phrase into poison.

    Merry Christmas, Scott.


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