Bagger 288

bagger288 It’s a mechanical hydra! It’s a mountaintop’s worst nightmare! It’s Mother Earth’s Master Molester! It’s a Photoshop fake! Nope, it’s real — all too real. “It’s a mobile strip mining machine, which can also be used to saw a country in half.” (Aldoblog). The deconstructivists would be proud; SRL wishes they had the bread to build something like this. More images.

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  1. You think that’s scary? Try taking the Interstate
    out to the malls with a truck carrying the coal
    that baby just stripped breathing down your
    tailpipe–weighing God knows how many tons,
    and as high as a two-story house. One of a
    kaleidoscope of experiences that made three
    weeks as a campaign volunteer in West Virginia
    unforgettable. Other end of the scale: Teddy
    Teddy Kennedy, Bobby Byrd, Jay Rockefeller,
    and mine union president Cecil Roberts (a
    fire-breathing public speaker)–four giants
    on the same small stage at the same time.

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  3. no it’s not beautiful.
    Search for “Tagbau Gartzweiler II”.
    So many people lost their native country and their place of birth.
    I’m one of them and I’m not happy about it. I’m sad about it.
    I was born here.

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