Duck Poopy

Miles swapped toys with some friends, came home with a whistling jungle toy and a waddling duck on a stick. Amy decided to have some fun: placed a trail of coffee beans on the bathroom floor and called him in. “Miles, look what the duck made!” Unexpectedly, he looked crestfallen. Later, didn’t want to play with the duck anymore. “Why don’t you want to play with the duck, Miles?”

“Duck poopy.”

Music: Frank Zappa :: I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted

2 Replies to “Duck Poopy”

  1. “Nearly all coffee grown in Vietnam is of the Robusta variety.  One of the most expensive and sought-after coffees comes from Vietnam – ‘caphe cut chon’ or ‘fox dung coffee’ – made from coffee beans that have been eaten and ‘passed through’ the civet cat (who looks like a fox).  This process enhances the taste of the beans and makes them highly desirable to coffee connoisseurs worldwide.”

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