Hopkin Green Frog


Continue to hold bottomless fascination for found objects/found art (see Found Magazine if you haven’t already) – scraps of life that yield accidental glimpses into the inner lives of strangers. Like this poster by Terry, who lost his frog, desperate to find him again.

A band of Photoshoppers started re-working, re-hashing, recontextualizing the kid’s poster at lostfrog.org (click through main image for the series).

via Boing-Boing

Update: The true story behind Hopkin revealed.

Music: Cheikha Rimitti :: Nouar

7 Replies to “Hopkin Green Frog”

  1. yeah those 4 fark jokes are funny over and over and over… omg france surrenders! haha lol!!!!!!!thirteen

  2. Why do my friends think this site is weird? I nearly wept laughing – and also feel guilty about poor Terry!

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