All Used Up

After my recent spleen vent and the ensuing multi-tentacled fracas, I’m feeling politically spent. Just don’t want to think about politics at all for a while. Don’t know how long that while will last, but don’t be surprised if I appear to have lost interest over the next few weeks. It’s a defense mechanism, not a moratorium. Friends and family, sun and rain, music and food — that’s all I want right now.

Music: Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Piece Of Crap

2 Replies to “All Used Up”

  1. I’m the same way. I can barely listen or read news right now. After months of absorbing all I could, I can’t take anymore–especially knowing what it’s gonna be about anyway. (Mandate! Why Rebpublicans Won! Why Democrats Lost! What’s Wrong With The Democratic Party? Values Voters!)

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