Live J-School Election Coverage

Dozens of J-School students are busily covering the 2004 elections as the day unfolds, at both the national and regional levels. Stories will be added and updated as poll results roll in, with further updates planned for the post-election wrap-up.

Update: Next day… was at work until midnight running the MT-based publishing system – almost 60 stories in the end, with dozens of them updated regularly as the results came in and analysis changed. Five people on the web crew, 10 editors and copy editors, three photographers, and dozens of authors. Election night at the J-School is always exciting — a real, throbbing newsroom environment — but this one went more smoothly than elections past. We’re getting this down to a science. Feels good.

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  1. way off topic – for some time now, your background image reminded me of something, but i have been racking my brain to figure out what it reminded me of.

    finally, i realized today that it reminds me of the album art for the who’s tommy.

    strangly upon revisiting the album cover, i realize more differences than similarities. funny how flawed yet strong that memory can be.

  2. Griff, you’re right! I hadn’t made that connection. In part because I had a different version of the Tommy LP — the soundtrack version one with the black cover and Tommy’s face, eyes, mouth and ears plugged up (but that deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!)

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