They’re Your Eyeballs

For Wired News, J-School student Steven Bodzin writes Inventor Rejoices as TVs Go Dark, on the invention of a small keychain device called TV-B-Gone, which sends out more than 200 infrared codes in quick succession to turn off virtually any television within range. The device is intended primarily for use in public spaces – bars and restaurants, stores, laundromats…

Rude? Totally. But isn’t it also rude to force others to watch or listen to TV when they don’t want to?

Responding to the accusation that it sounded like unaccountable power, Burke said, “You’ve heard about the battle for eyeballs. They’re your eyeballs [emphasis mine -sh]. You should not have your consciousness constantly invaded.

I’m actually less offended by television in public places than I am by noises that invade my home — car subwoofers, car alarms…

Altman said people who hear about TV-B-Gone start thinking about other nuisances. Friends have asked for ways to jam cell phones, shut down vehicle subwoofers and kill car alarms.

“What I really want,” Altman said, “Is Life-B-Here.”

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