Consolidating the Message

No information on the source of this several-minute-long collage of the relentless fear-mongering drumbeat by your favorite politicos, but if you’re not drained by endless repeat of the past three years’ keywords, this ought to push you over the edge.

Hell, just watching the debates is starting to feel like a bludgeoning. Even within 90-second windows and all the facts and interpretations of the world at their disposal, candidates can’t help repeating themselves ad nauseum.

Thanks rinchen.

Music: James Chance & The Contortions :: King Heroin

2 Replies to “Consolidating the Message”

  1. That was cool. I would like to see one made for the Dem party.. Maybe a contrast of the two in one video. Now that would be fun.

  2. Ad nauseum is the modus operandi. Apparently, their strategists and stat crunchers say it works. Numbers are “fuzzy math”. Global complexity means lack of certainty. Unfortunately the Dems pander to the same mentality.

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