Comment Spam as Data Corruption

At OJR, a fairly exhaustive piece on the history and status of weblog comment spam, including this zinger from Irish blogger Antoin O Lachtnain, laying down the gauntlet (though I doubt it had any effect):

Relevant comments are very welcome, whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say. However, advertising of goods or services is not permitted on this forum without payment of a fee. The fee per advertisement is 500 Euros, which is payable immediately by bank draft. If you post an ad but do not pay the charge immediately you have corrupted data on this Web site without my permission. As such, you are guilty of criminal damage under the Criminal Damage Act, 1991 and subject to a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of up to 12,700 Euros…Please note that posting on this forum will have no effect whatsoever on the PageRank of any links that you post.

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2 Replies to “Comment Spam as Data Corruption”

  1. What is interesting is that often is is just one
    jerk that is causing all the trouble. I get
    bombarded by stupid spam scams from the same
    idiot from Brazil. All these are for []

    I tried to complain to the ISO but without any luck.
    Thits jerk has cost me timeand money and it looks like
    he is scamming countless other preople too.
    What to do ?


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