Transportation Futuristics

helicopter_garageA flying saucer bus designed to reduce traffic congestion. An octagonal wheeled water craft invented by a Mexican lawyer. Underground airports. A monorail that looks like a giant Chevy Impala. A public escape pod for plummeting airplanes. 19th century pneumatic subways. Cruise ships with sails. Great collection of images at UC Berkeley library’s online museum of Transportation Futuristics.

Thanks David Huff.

2 Replies to “Transportation Futuristics”

  1. Not to be a gadfly, but … oh Hell, who am I kidding? I’m a gadfly.

    That online exhibit is rife with typos, spelling mistakes and poor grammar. “Duel” instead of “dual,” “pnumatic” instead of “pneumatic” among others.

    Now, I’m the typo master. But usually in places like these; informal comments. When it comes to production stuff…

    C’mon, Berkeley. This stuff is live on the web and is hosted on an official server. You should, and could, do better. I mean, this was posted as an exhibit by the UC-B Library, right? Or is that “liberry?” *smirk*

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