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Scripting my butt off. On request of a customer, just finished developing mtblogmail, a PHP utility that emails weblog summaries to a mailing list or the MT Notifications list at regular intervals, filling a mysterious void in the MT notifications feature (“Sure,” I said, “cake! A few SQL queries and…” turned out to be a full-blown utility). Released it as free software. Tested it here first, and migrated everyone who was on the birdhouse notifications list into subscribers. To get weekly email updates on recent birdhouse posts, enter your email in the box to the right.

Also just turned in final project for the shell programming class — a menu-driven script that creates / deletes users and groups, generates apache configurations, installs SpamAssassin preference files, configures webalizer or awstats, reports spam and virus traffic for the user and domain, etc. The instructor asked me to be a T.A. in the class next semester, but no have time.

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  1. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting… I author blogging software called MagnaBlog, I may have to write a plugin to do this as well… Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. The instructor asked me to be a T.A. in the class next semester, but no have time.

    Still, that’s a nice compliment on your abilities. Congratulations! :)

  3. Spam Assassin? Is that blog feedback spam, or email spam? If it’s the latter is there any chance I could bum a copy of your script? My wife is an old school unix head and insists on using Elm for her mailer, and cutting down on her spam would earn me points.


  4. Hi Jim –

    For email spam. birdhouse runs a stock installation of SpamAssassin, with a few additional recipes and rules to remove backhair and weeds. And we run a plugin that enables SpamAssassin to work with CommuniGate Pro, our mail server. We’re able to block about 98% of spam at the server level, so our customers never need to even download it.

    All my script here does as far as SA goes it to create a preferences file for individual users. I doubt it would be of use to you. If you want server-side spam filtering, consider having birdhouse handle your mail accounts — hosting.birdhouse.org (we’re not the only game in town with server side spam filtering of course – but birdhouse has the advantage of… me! :).

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