Intense, Provocative, and Fascinating

miles_scribbleOverheard from the dining room, wife to baby, after seeing a particularly dense and complex scribble he had done on the Etch-A-Sketch:

“I love you, Miles. I think you’re intense, provocative, and fascinating.”

The fact that Miles is not yet two is immaterial.

Music: Holly Golightly :: Run Cold

6 Replies to “Intense, Provocative, and Fascinating”

  1. That’s funny. Just the other night Gwen and I were watching Papillon, and there was a long shot of the solitary confinement prison house, showing just a few guards standing around. It came in the middle of the longer sequence in which Papillon’s ugly descent into squalor and madness is depicted. Very heavy. Suddenly Gwen, eyes on the guards, says, “What a boring job that’s gotta be, huh?”

    It’s always good to have someone intense, provocative, and fascinating in one’s life, I’d say!

  2. Miles is all of those things, but I’m appalled that you don’t know an etch-a-sketch from a MagnaDoodle!

  3. No worries. I blurt adjectives like those to Amelia all the time, but usually follow them by telling her, “this has been another age-inappropriate lesson from daddy.”

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