BeBox Survives Loss of Half a Brain

This slashdot comment reminded me of a story that used to get tossed around at BeOS gatherings:

lcsaudio used to sell BeBoxes (remounted in a custom rackmount case) as part of our show control system. One day the show operators called our tech support to tell us that a 66MHz BeBox was acting a bit sluggish (BeOS, as you may know, is normally quite snappy). On his next visit, our tech took a look inside the case, and found that the fan responsible for cooling one of the two PowerPC 603 CPUs had stopped turning, causing that CPU to overheat and desolder itself from its socket. The BeBox had survived the self-destruction (and self-extraction) of a CPU and continued to run shows for nearly a week without complaint.

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  1. The ICS Audio cases must have been quite different from the standard BeBox case; neither the 2×66 or 2×133 BeBoxes had CPU cooling fans of any kind. Passive cooling with a heatsink was more than enough to take care of the PowerPC 603s…

  2. Why didn’t we inherit the earth?

    no developers > no apps > no users >

    no developers > no apps > no users >

    no developers > no apps > no users >

    lather > rinse > repeat


  3. Why didn’t we (beOS freaks) inherit the Earth?

    No *games*>no users>no earth.

    No decent browser> no users> no earth.

    Bad management>Be Internet Terminal>no capital> No earth.

    Microsoft deliberate screwing>no earth.

    There were lots of reasons – read Scot’s columns on it. :)

    Still bitter, it seems.


  4. Jim – A lot more reasons than that, even when I was there. Can’t argue with its hardwear fault-tolerance, as exhibited by LCS though… :-)

  5. BeOS was fairly tolerant of hardware problems, yeah. And equally importantly it would *tell* you about them. When I first installed it on my PC, I found out that some of the massive flakey problems I was having with win95 were due to one of my drives having very flakey problems. Had Win95 bothered to *tell* me about this (indeed, had it detected the problem) I might now have the degree of hatred for all things windows that I do. The drive was replaced under warrantee from… Seagate, if memory serves.


  6. Not to rub salt, but whenever I see these, “Let’s resurrect BeOS!” projects, I find myself thinking that the line between dream and hallucination is blurred for a lot of people.

    Necrophilia is illegal for a reason. It’s unhealthy.

  7. I still have a system I keep around just for running some of my old favorites. BeOS 5 and FreeDOS live pretty happily on it, but neither of them realistically have a future. *sighs*

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