New Domains on Birdhouse

Birdhouse is happy to be hosting some great new sites: “The Online News Association was founded in 1999 by several working members of the online press. ONA is open to journalists from around the world who produce news on the Internet and other digital platforms.” This nicely designed site is actually driven by four separate-but-related Movable Type weblogs, though you probably wouldn’t guess it by looking – they’ve dispensed with the MT templates altogether (why is this so rare?) The News section looks a bit more like a “traditional” blog. Also accessible via and A San Francisco-based environmental defense law firm. One of my good friends works here, humbly and skillfully championing some of California’s and Nevada’s most pressing environmental cases. Straight to The Supremes! We’ll be overhauling this site soon – watch for updates. : “4 stories above the ground.” A film project by J-School student Michael Welt. I love seeing the kinds of sites our students come up with after emerging from our multimedia skills classes. Some of them go from zero to 60 very quickly.

… and one more I’ll save for another day…

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