Die Duckomenta features dozens of famous museum pieces spanning ancient history to modern interpretive abstraction, each with Donald Duck transposed into the theme. No cheap Photoshop tricks – these are real works, artfully created and beautifully collected. What makes it work is that they took such a seemingly trivial idea so seriously – went all the way. Don’t read German, but think I get the idea. Disney’s lawyers have got to be breathing down their necks right about now, but this will certainly qualify as satire (not that the obviousness of that fact ever stopped Mattel’s raging a-hole lawyers from attacking Barbie art).

Music: Hombres :: Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)

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  1. I saw this show in Tubingen, Germany in 2005. It was fantastic. Everywhere I looked there was Donald Duck as a work of art. There he was in ancient manuscripts, or laid out in sand as a “human” skeleton in an ancient Celtic archeology “dig”. I loved it! I bought a poster of Die Blau Ente (The Blue Duck) with Donald as Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel and hung in my dorm room at the German university I was working in for the summer.

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