Power, Corruption, and Lies

Why am I suddenly starting to receive funding solicitations and other propaganda from the RNC? I take a certain perverse pleasure in scrawling “Power, Corruption and Lies — Bush Must Go” across the pledge sheet and sending it back in the postage-paid envelope that is inevitably provided. I’ve done this about half a dozen times now, but it so far has not gotten me removed from their mailing lists. That’s OK — I’m patient. And I’ve got lots of Sharpies.

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  1. Yeah, I received something from the “Defense of Family Values” or some such group with their “amend the Constitution to exclude gays” agenda, and did the same thing with their post-paid envelope.

    Does anyone know whether they have to pick up the tab if the envelope is heavier than what the post-paid return envelope might normally be? I’m thinking, if so, we could pound out some lead strips to put in there, too…

  2. I get them too. I have a different strategy:

    I send it back all fine, but for donation amount under “Other” I put zero. Then I check the box that says i would like a bumper sticker. I put it back in the mailbox without a stamp (it is postage-paid, but says if you want you can put a stamp to save them some cash).

  3. I work for two liberal organizations that work against nuclear proliferation. A C3 and C4. In one of our mailings a woman wrote back that her name was not “Mrs.” So-and-So, but “Ms.” So-and-so; that we obviously knew nothing about southern culture and therefore did not know anything about national security.

    Another time, in an email submission, a man ranted about our liberal/commy/anti-american agenda. He then replied a few minutes later apologizing, the email was meant for a different organization.

    My guess is that the people on the other side get as much fun out of the envelopes as you do! We do, anyway. We usually hang them up in our cubicles.

  4. Hey Mark, you’re right – I did enjoy that. Nice to read a scan of Berkeley politics that doesn’t oversimplify. It’s a complex atmosphere here, and an educated one. It’s radical, but mostly not simplistic. Thanks for posting.

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