Green Ink

So guess who’ll be keeping his tattoo for the rest of his life? When I was 19, I had a 2″ question mark tattooed on my right ankle. I still stand behind the question mark as a symbol; no regrets there. But it was done in a kind of balloon-y, cartoonish style. It’s not terrible, but in recent years I’ve gotten tired of it, finally decided I wanted it gone.

Waited three months for a consultation, only to learn today that the fact that it’s comprised of mixed blue and green inks (the lasers are targeted at specific pigments) and is 20 years old means I would need 12-15 laser treatments at $650 each!!! In other words, $40 to have it installed, nearly $10,000 to have it uninstalled. So it’s staying put. Unless I can convince Amy we need to sell the Subaru…

Music: Tom Ze :: Tangolomango

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