Jamaica Images

80 photos from our trip to Jamaica with Roger, Paula, Amelia. May be updated with images from their collection later. Negril, Treasure Beach, Montego Bay. Rain and shine, on land and water, grey skies and sun. No underwater images unfortunately. Should have rented an underwater housing for the G2. But am told that disposable beach cameras are good to 100 ft. Next time…

Music: Junior Delgado :: Effort

3 Replies to “Jamaica Images”

  1. Welcome back, Scot !
    It sure looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Miles is an astonishingly beautiful kid.

    Loving your photos too, but didn’t see them all yet (in the middle of a move here).
    One thing though – are you sure about that “chameleon” ? It looks more like a gecko to me; and those change color too.

    Guy D2

  2. Guy, right you are – the pod-like fingers give it away. Called it a chameleon because someone else called it that, but yr right. Thanks for the correction. Updated the page.

  3. Loved the pictures. They came in handy for my sons Jamaica project. Thank you for sharing them.


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