Finally starting to put energy into updates at again, and today signed up for Google’s AdSense. Replaced the mid-page graphical ads from Burst Media with context-sensitive text-based ads. Burst pays per impression; AdSense pays per click. Weirdly, Google won’t disclose exactly what they pay, though they make a vague reference to paying as much as or more than competitors. We’ll see.

I was most interested in using AdSense to see how well they could parse misheard lyric pages in real-time. If ads were targeted well enough that people could purchase the album from which the mondegreen originally comes, I figured things might go very well. What I’m seeing in the first couple of hours is that Google is succeeding at placing almost exclusively music-related ads (and no PSAs), but only a small percentage of ads are targeted specifically at the artist in question. Still, that’s a big improvement over Burst’s totally unfocused scattershot placement. I’ll be curious to see how things tally at the end of the month.

Another benefit: AdSense ads don’t blink, flash, or buzz.

Music: The Seeds :: Daisy Mae

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  1. Ludovic, the design has not changed for six years now and has been tested in virtually every browser known to man. Can you send me a screenshot of what “sucks” about it?

    There are ocassions when frames just make sense, and this is one of them. It would be virtually impossible to design or use a version of the site without frames effectively (unless you have a design idea no one else has had over the past six years).

  2. God Damn Scot. With so many hobbies where do you find the time?

    In a related note, there is a desk calendar out that has ‘misheard’ lyrics on them for each day of the year. Just in case you didn’t know.. or something.

  3. About what Google pays… I have been running their ads on my page for a couple of weeks now and I wrote them once about it.

    They told me that there’s no fixed value. They pay based on what the advertising site pays. So it varies.

  4. How has AdSense worked out for you? I’ve started using the same banner style on NQB2… not sure it’s worth it, although it’s so easy to implement. best, Joe

  5. Joe – AdSense has worked out surprisingly well! I earn about $100/month for ads on this blog, and a bit more than that for ads on Never have to think about it — it just runs happily in the background.

  6. Google burned me good with AdSense.

    I had been running their contextual text links on a half dozen of my sites.. after I had earned about $400, they sent me an “invalid clicks” email which looked like it wasn’t even written by a human. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I promptly asked what was up, and nicely offered to fix the problem..

    They ignored my responses and I never did see the money.

    I would suggest that folks avoid AdSense like the plague. I searched around about this “invalid clicks” issue, and it seems to happen to a lot of people, and it always seems to happen when it’s getting close to payout time. Maybe this is part of a plan to increase their margins?

    I’ve since swapped out all my CPC Google AdSense ads with CPA ads from AzoogleAds. I’m making WAY more money with them, and the checks show up on time every month when they’re supposed to. No lame excuses or reps hiding under their desks.

    I have earned over $200,000 USD lifetime with them, and I’ve been paid on time every time. I would strongly suggest that folks check them out, and stop running Google AdSense ads on your sites before you get burned too. It seems to be standard protocol. It’s quite unpleasant to drive in thousands of legitimate clicks over the course of a few months for an advertiser, and then get screwed by them when it comes time for them to square up.

    I’d also like to mention that I’m NOT an employee of AzoogleAds, nor am I trying to just spam their name out. I have had great personal experiences with them, and I think they’re a rock solid Internet marketing agency.

    …and they’ve never burned me like Google AdSense did.. even on 5 figure checks.

    Two Thumbs Up!

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