Quietly Ovulating

The annual Lyttle Lytton contest challenges writers to come up with the worst possible opening line to a novel — a challenge which generally results in tons of run-on sentences being submitted. This year, the sponsors decided to limit entries to 25 words or less — preferably less. The 2004 winners have been posted. The winner, however:

This is the story of your mom’s life.

Was, in my opinion, not nearly as funny as the example given in the contest rules:

Jennifer stood there, quietly ovulating.

A line which quite literally caused me to spew milk and cereal from the nose this morning.

Music: Ralph Carney :: Out Of The Bag #2

2 Replies to “Quietly Ovulating”

  1. While I do have to agree the ovulating one is the best of them all, I thought the “Juicy, their love was like forbidden fruit: tasty.” entrant was pretty good too (in a pathetic sort of way, of course).

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