Mending a Fence

Our side fence was sagging into the yard, looking sad. Removing the original posts was going to be impossible without renting a jackhammer. Decided to put new posts in between the old ones. Project started last weekend, finished up this morning. Like most home improvement projects, hidden variables got in the way, things didn’t turn out as planned. This time they turned out better.

Music: Stina Nordenstam :: Reason To Believe

5 Replies to “Mending a Fence”

  1. Nice Job. As a new home owner (8 months now) it’s always good to see how others tackle their problems.

  2. I read the comments on every photo. Cracked up at the lessons learned (chafed hands, hole too big.) Thanks for sharing. What software do you use to make your photo galleries? — Jeb

  3. Ahhhh…the joys of home ownership. In my case, the lousy “whitewood” fence with pressure treated posts in bare dirt (i.e. no concrete) the builder put up 5 yrs ago wasn’t worth saving. Texas weather EATS stuff like this for breakfast.

    Hired a company to rip it up, pour a continuous concrete footer and put up an 8ft cedar board on board fence with galvanized steel posts. If we keep it stained/sealed regularly, darn thing ought to last awhile.

    The continuous footer was to keep our dogs in – they’re Cairne Terriers and thus diggers ;)

  4. Wow – I pity the homeowner 30 years from now who decides to eliminate the fence only to find a continuous concrete footer! :) Sounds nice though.

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