Note to self: Next time you need to stir mix-in-hole concrete with your hands, put on a pair of gloves first. The lime in the concrete does a number on your skin, even though the gravel has a way of diminishing the profile of raised blemishes. Two days after replacing fenceposts, hands are sorry. Seemed innocuous enough at the time.

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  1. Use white wine vinegar. I used to work construction (which included pouring cement) and we used to keep a gallon of this handy. You could probably get any type of vinegar you want, but using red wine table vinegar would probably get spendy fast. The acidic value of the vinegar counteracts the base in the cement. Should be used fairly soon after finishing with cement, so it’s probably too late now, but good to keep in mind next time.

  2. I developed a terrible rash from working in the yard. I found that Eucerin cream (not the lotion) did a fantastic job at mending my skin.

  3. The best thing you can use on your dried skin is called Bag Balm. It’s nothing but pure lanolin and normally used by dairy farmers for cow’s udders. You can find it at any farm store.

  4. my husband came home from the store with a small tube of the
    crack filler. He didn’t notice but the end had a hole in it and it
    spilled on his good pants. I was able to scrape the excess amount
    off but cannot get the rest.
    Do you have any idea how I can clean this stuff out of cloth.

    Joy Wessel

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