Baby Monitor

I’m always amazed by the extreme sensitivity of our cheapo baby monitor. From across the house we can hear Miles’ every sleeping breath, a rumble when he turns over or pulls a blanket closer. If a cat is in the room with him, we can hear every smack of its tongue as it bathes. I’ve even gotten feedback loops passing through two closed doors, just from room tone.

Last night we were bugged by a mosquito in our room. Then this afternoon we were gardening outside, Miles was asleep inside, and the monitor was with us, competing with traffic noise. And then suddenly we could hear that damned mosquito buzzing around in his bedroom, clear as day.

Hearing an indoor mosquito from outside makes you realize what it must feel like to be to a dog or other animal with super-hearing — and how little information our ears usually give us. Kind of spooky.

Music: Andrew Sisters :: Six Jerks In A Jeep

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