Nous N’Avons Pas Vote Pour Lui

bagtagcbrown bought a bag for his computer and did a double-take when he read the wash and care instructions, in both English and French. After the banal “Do not machine wash, do not iron” were three extra lines in French, which translate as:

“We are sorry that our President is an idiot. We didn’t vote for him.”

Music: Robert Wyatt :: Speechless

7 Replies to “Nous N’Avons Pas Vote Pour Lui”

  1. Priceless. Do you know if cbrown ever divulged the manufacturer? I tried skimming through the comments, but I got tired after the 247th politico-rant. It seemed as though the general consensus was Tom Bihn though…

  2. How Kewl?!? I love Tom Bihn, have one of their bags here that I got mailed over from the States at ridiculous cost to myself.

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