Miles Images, 12-18 Months

After Miles’ first birthday, he started running and climbing like crazy, got his first haircut, learned to love the bathtub, visited his great grandmother, started brushing his own teeth, and wants to do pretty much everything himself.

4 Replies to “Miles Images, 12-18 Months”

  1. I still say that there is an unfair number of Miles photos. I want more photos of the cats, Plato and Louise.

    There is some definite species favouritism going on here :)

  2. Wow, long time since i’ve come here and what a great sight for the comeback, Miles pics. He’s looking great :) How did he enjoy his first haircut? I know i’m always delaying mine ;)

  3. Heh, I think you can tell from the image how he enjoyed that first haircut — “like having his kidneys removed.” I was hoping that would get better with time, but after reading your note there, I’m worried! :)

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