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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. Unlike mine. I think I’ve done more this morning (it’s now 8am, I’ve been up since 5.45) than I did all weekend. (Actually, not quite true: I started tidying the house [biiig job] and cooked a mothers’ day meal for Gill’s parents).

    Just watch out for that Vulcan Magnolia Mind Meld.

  2. I just bought a vulcan mag, but the ground is too wet to plant it. It is a 15 gallon plant, 8 feet tall, with buds already! I’m in the Sierra Nevada Mt foothills.
    And I love Lil smokies! And french toast!
    However, I didn’t run 3 miles…..just threw frisbee for my border collie, and walked the property..but it is hilly, does that count?
    Enjoyed your message.

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