No Movable Type 3.0 yet, but TypeKey has been announced – a centralized login service for all MT and TypePad weblogs (and others?). Free to all, anonymity possible if desired. Most of the advantages seem academic, but this will be a huge win in the fight against comment spam.

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  1. I’m very new to Blogging – help me understand why a centralized login service for TypePad is a good thing? Free I understand, anonymity I get but I don’t get the connection to spam.

  2. Gary – Not just for TypePad, but for MT too (there are tens of thousands of times more MT blogs than TypePad blogs – SixApart creates both products).

    Comment spam is when spammers dump their ads into weblog comment fields, usually en masse with automation tools. The reason you don’t see a lot of these ads online is because blog owners spend a heck of a lot of time deleting these comment spams.

    If a centralized system exists, and if I require readers of this blog to use it, then two things happen:

    1) A spammer can be “flagged” in a central place and banned from commenting on any other blogs.

    2) A user can sign up once and be able to post comments on any MT or TypePad weblog.

    It’s a brilliant solution for an incredibly frustrating problem.

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