Let Them Sing It For You

Type in a few words — the more generic the better — could be words from songs, or from textbooks or from the newspaper, it doesn’t matter — and the whole history of pop music will come rushing back at you, one word at a time. If any of the words you entered are not in the Let Them database, you can point them to a song from which the word in question can be excavated. Freaky and wonderful.

Music: Billy Strayhorn :: Halfway to Dawn

2 Replies to “Let Them Sing It For You”

  1. Oh, that is FREAKY cool! Completely useless, but cool. How’d you dig this one up?

    Hmmm… I wonder how difficult it would be to babelfish it; have it sing websites to you (you know, use it like the visually-impaired computing tools). Even better – make it an option for OS X text-to-speech feature! That would be interesting… Although I would probably use it about as long as I used text-to-speech when I first got my 8500 with System 7.x – a couple of hours before the novelty wore off.

  2. she looks like a movie star
    like a chocolate candy bar
    man whats goin on with you
    why you treat her like you do
    when you know the girl is all about you

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