flagstoneA ruddy trail was forming in our front lawn from people walking from curb to front porch, so Amy and I went yesterday to load up a cart full of flagstone. Took a couple of hours to lay it out, then started digging a slight depression for each stone, to make it flush with the earth so we can still mow. Didn’t quite finish, but made good progress. Also transplanted a lemon tree we saved from a weak and dying sapling a couple of years ago, which has been living in a pot all along, into a permanent home in the front yard. We hope the tree and the path will find mutual feng shui. Today tried my hand at making buffalo wings for the first time. They came out very well, but did not hold a candle to Roger’s short ribs.

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  1. Whoever thought that we would enter a stage in our lives when we would say things like “Kick ass path, dude” without any sense of sarcasm or humor?

    Kick ass path, dude…

  2. Looks good. While I can’t explain if there’s a real logical justification I think it’d probably be a good idea to lay a little bed of sand under and between it. Seen this done to bricks, actually my dad had me do it when he laid a loose brick walk.

    I think it probably helps with shifting of them and settling, also probably helps reduce the potential for them to sink into mud as it gets wet. May also help reduce the need to weedwhack or trim weeds around it – which could be handy since mowing around rocks can be a bit risky for the mower and anything nearby.

    I tried a small path of round stepping stones in an area that tends to be marshy. Didn’t work very effectivly and I moved them to mid garden for a path in a large bed of perennials. In the lawn it tended to just sink, slip and get yucky. Also I spaced them too far apart, and the area was marshy enough after rains that it still wasn’t that helpful.

    Was sitting tonight with a friend who started raving about kissthisguy.com. I smiled large.

  3. malium! i’ve considered putting sand under the stones, but we actually want grass to grow between them so it looks all hobbit-y and sweet, but we’ll see — right now the stones are slightly tippy, i think because the spaces we carved out beneath them are uneven. we’re hoping that with some wear, they’ll settle into lawn/dirt pockets neatly. if not, we’ll go back and add sand.

    poot kissthisguy – needs tending so badly.

  4. Nice path..i’m going to build one similar next weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

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