Tastes Like (Mutant) Chicken

The crooks were trying to smuggle American-grown chicken into Ukraine territory, which is all well and good except it’s very illegal, given how the U.S. genetically modifies billions of its chickens and injects them with hormones and chemicals and toxins and feeds them ground-up chicken parts mixed with chicken feces and saws off their beaks and packs them by the tens of thousands into tiny nauseating disease-ridden cages in massive “Matrix”-like hellhole factory farms and treats them worse than you treat a skin boil. Ukraine refuses to take this crap. U.S. officials insist our factory-farmed chicken is safe to eat. Ukrainian officials look at U.S. officials like they are childish Neanderthal idiots who must take the Ukrainian officials to be simpletons and fools.

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6 Replies to “Tastes Like (Mutant) Chicken”

  1. No, I’ve missed that. I may continue to miss that. I’ve heard, second hand, enough thoroughly disgusting information about the meat & poultry industries to make my skin crawl, I fear knowing more.

  2. Scrawl, that’s a pretty reductionistic statement. More details please – are you saying that commercial chickens are *not* other than nature intended them to be?

  3. ive been in “contact” with chic fil a all day on and off tryin to get info on chicken suppliers….. what a joke…. i keep getting their standard, generic, BS reply….. which is nothing!! i keep my own chickens for eggs…. i know how they live,and what they eat…. they are true organic and free range….. im watchin them out the family room window now… i dont have the heart to eat them tho…. they have been runnin around for over a year now and most have names…. i can pick em up and pet em…. i am a 42 yr old concrete truck driver and work 12+ hrs a day, then come home and tend the chickens, goats, sheep, horse, dogs, and cats….. alone…. fast food was a convenience that i miss alot… but i will make due and not give these wack job freaks my hard earned money for ungodly food…. to make my world convenient

    lateer, kel

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