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Just wrapped up a long-simmering project to replace the J-School’s Events listings with a home-brew PHP/MySQL system which allows events staff to publish events (duh), centralize ticket and reservation info, generate announcement email, and separate public and private events between our public site and the intranet.

With that launched, today wrote a script to generate an Events RSS feed. Until now, all the RSS we’ve published has been MT-generated; this is the first time I’ve cooked it myself.

Maybe we’ll get to a redesign sometime in 2008.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a simple XML format, and even though most people refer to them as “iCal Calendars” they are really some standard (or defacto standard).

    Mozilla Calendar reads them as well, and Palm Desktop might also.

  2. Alderete, the topic of sharing the system has never come up. It really wasn’t built to be generic enough for export if you know what I mean – it’s heavily customized for our needs.

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