nutsack_rat One of Miles’ toys (a rat puppet that ducks down into a conical hiding place via attached dowel). First image ever shot with the new phonecam. Posted to MT via mfop2. Great set of scripts, and really responsive, generous developer, but I’d rather not rely on an external service; would like to run the image receiving module on my own server. Word is that MT Pro will have moblogging ability, but we wait …. Images from the phonecam look pretty good on the phonescreen, not so hot on the computer until sized down. A small dose of gaussian blur helps to smooth out the artifacts.

Music: Erik Satie :: Choral

2 Replies to “mfop2”

  1. Very cute! I see that you’re also a Verizon user. Do you edit the Verizon ad text out by hand before posting, or do you have a macro to strip it out?

    I at least got mine to re-size via CSS, but it’s annoying to have to delete the ad.

  2. ginny, if you end your post with

    or similar (see the mfop docs for more info) it will remove everything that comes after, thus chopping the ad text.

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