I have been authorized to have my own University credit card (called a P-Card, P is for procurement), so I can do my own purchasing of software, domains, misc hardware, etc. That’s wonderful. But here’s the “Brazil” bit: Before they’ll issue it, I have to attend a three-hour training seminar. Three hours to learn how to… what? Shop responsibly? Pay off my monthly balance? This is so typical of the red tape and “hurry up and wait” m.o. of the UC system (which is only partially govt). I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I’d rather have my colon cleansed.

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  1. >my own University credit card (called a P-Card, P is for procurement)

    So it’s really been Procurement-Funk all these years?
    Gosh, I never knew.

    “This is Information Retrieval. You want Information Dispersal.”

  2. I had to take the same 3 hour class at my uni before they gave me my P-card. Luckily, I was the only one that showed up for the class so the trainer just highlighted the major points that I needed to remember.

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