Busy Hands

Just got a call from Amy… she was working at the keyboard with 15-month-old Miles at her side, when she looked down to see that he had opened up the case of her Mac and was sitting with the side panel in his lap, hands busy with all the pretty parts inside… while it was running! Now we’re going to have to hermetically seal the Macs. This boy… I swear he’ll be building satellites by age 7.

Music: Billy Strayhorn :: Halfway to Dawn

7 Replies to “Busy Hands”

  1. Why is it that “pyramsonster” generates only ONE google hit? And yet the resulting page refers to the “much blogged” eye in pyramid on the old TIA site… which I do remember.

  2. “Pyramonster” is a Rich Hall sniglet meaning “that thing on the back of the dollar bill.”

    Heh. Sniglets. I’m so 1988.

  3. If memory serves macs come with ways to lock them so you can put them in schools and not have their innards disappear. Sounds like it’s time to investigate that. Also sounds like time to get the kid leggos. He’s a little young for an Erector set, which you’ll need when he discovers what screwdrivers are good for. :)


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