101 Ways To Save the Internet

Pick up the January ’04 Wired for a nicely done list “101 Ways To Save the Internet“. Excerpts:

2) Dump the DMCA.

4) Appoint Larry Lessig to the Supreme Court.

8) Declare spammers are terrorists.

38) Simplify URLs.

39) Upgrade to IPv6.

45) Verisign must die.

58) Microsoft: Take the blame for your own bugs.

71) Add a recall function for email messages.

73) Google: Add a search for legal MP3 downloads.

82) Safari for Windows.

91) Stop forwarding email jokes.

97) Celebrate diversity (more operating systems, more browsers, more mail clients).

98) Ad a “Skip All Flash Intros” to Macromedia players.

And so on.

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  1. Scot, this is off topic for this post, but I recall you complaining about Movable Type’s speed recently.

    I came across this not too long ago and have switched my blog over to it and it’s pretty nice.

    It’s called WordPress, and it’s the successor to the b2 blogging system. It’s all Php, pages are generated on the fly, as of the 1.0 release (from Jan 1st) there is a movable type import option, and you can create cruft free URL’s.

    You might want to give it a look, if you haven’t already.



  2. Jeremia, out of curiosity, what made you choose WordPress over pMachine? The two are very similar but pMachine has more weight behind it. If I was going to switch, it would definitely be to pMachine. I was amazed looking around your blog at how much it seems WordPress has tried to emulate MT blogs, even down to the look and feel.

    There are many times I wish I was using a dynamic page generation system rather than static.

    I am reluctant to let go of MT due to wide availability of plugins, support, etc.

  3. Well, I hadn’t heard of pMachine before, but I just had a look, and the interface looks very nice.. I still prefer wordpress because it’s open source.
    In the short time that I’ve been using it, I’ve seen several improvements come into the main program from regular people who are using it on their blogs. I think that it will catch up to pMachine pretty quickly if they can sustain the momentum that they have right now.

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