Eat With a Fork

Miles started experimenting with a baby fork recently, and is starting to get the hang of forking carrots, cheeseses, and mashed potatoes. If he can’t get an item properly forked, he’ll often pick it up with one hand and guide it onto the tines. Then he’ll hold his handiwork out for all to admire, before removing the morsel — again with the hand — and eating it. It’s a start. Last night he started work on the spoon.

Also this week: Playing maracas, relating simple narrative stories to us with gestures (as opposed to single-concept hand-signals), building up structures with the MegaBlocks (rather than just knocking them down), drumming on the table along with John Bonham’s “Moby Dick” solo, piling up blankets and pillows to make nests in which to kick back and chill, and … first mini-tantrums.

Music: Stereolab :: Ronco Symphony

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  1. mini-tantrums: it must be the influence of that No Thanks 70’s Punk Rebellion collection. Bollocks!

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