Bombing Birds Benefits Birdwatchers

Unbelievable story at (nicely published out of MT) about how one of Bush’s judicial appointees argued for the continued bombing of a small island in the Pacific:

In the bird bombing case, conservationists sued to protect an important nesting island for migratory birds in the Pacific. They established that the U.S. military’s bombing of the island during live-fire training exercises violated the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Haynes’ team argued in a legal brief that conservationists actually benefit from the military’s killing of birds because it helps make some species more rare — and “bird watchers get more enjoyment spotting a rare bird than they do spotting a common one.” They argued the bombing was good for birds too, as it kept the island free of other “human intrusion.”

Though the judge received strong rebuke for the statement, Bush nominated him for a lifetime appointment.

Thanks Rinchen!

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4 Replies to “Bombing Birds Benefits Birdwatchers”

  1. Wow, BushCo could really use that logic more expansively, like so: “By restricting your freedoms, our policies make your freedom more scarce, and thus more valuable.”

  2. How do you know they are using MT, and do you know how they’ve modified it to act/look more like a CMS than a blog?

  3. Gilbert, the first clue is the story URL, which is in MT format. And if you view source you can see that the JavaScript functions are the ones shipped with MT.

    Using MT as a CMS is something I’m very familiar with – I do a lot of it at work. Hard to answer your question specifically – basically you dig into the docs or the support forums and find the MT tags or plugins that make it do what you need it to do. There are few limits.

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