Braxton at Victoria

Last-minute invitation to usher tonight’s Anthony Braxton show at the Victoria Theater (same place Matthew’s Hedwig shows were, also the venue for the benefit show with Tom Waits a few months ago). Billed as a ten-tet, but there were 12 musician on stage. Braxton as always the chess-playing, leather-elbow-patch jazz composer genius surrounded by crazy virtuosos. Not sure who all was on stage, but recognized Dan Plonsey, Jon Shiurba, Scott Rosenberg, Gino Robair, others? No bass, interestingly — out of respect to Matthew? (Matthew was on Braxton’s last album). Multi-layered orchestral improv, more cerebral than bodily (I know some people bristle when Braxton is described that way, but it rings true for me). Braxton has been a hero for years, but I’ve somehow managed never to have seen him before.

Music: Joe Jackson :: Kinda Kute

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