Spam Auto-Kill Count

Birdhouse Hosting uses SpamAssassin in conjunction with CGPSA to tag all inbound email message headers and delete msgs that meet a given threshold for spammy-ness before they’re ever downloaded by customers. CommuniGate logs are set to roll over every 7 days. Wrote a simple script that queries the CGP logs for discard events and outputs the result count to an include which you’ll now find in the “Tech Crap” section to the right (and in this post). This number will grow as A) the proportion of spam in the wild continues to grow and B) the number of birdhouse customers using the auto-kill feature grows.

Spams auto-killed by CGPSA in the past 7 days: (refreshed hourly).

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  1. Yes, love SpamAssassin. My host uses it, without the auto-delete feature, so I wrote a little java app which logs in, parses the headers (without downloading body) and deletes messages above a certain threshold. Save a LOT of hassle.

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