Amy Goodman on Life During Wartime

Just watched a noontime presentation by “America’s most fiercely independent journalist,” Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Amy is a host at Pacifica Radio and producer of several documentaries critical of the marriage between establishment politics and establishment journalism. She showed Independent Media In A Time Of War, which I’ll now consider required viewing for anyone who feels the U.S. media gave us anything remotely resembling fair and balanced coverage during the war. Really incredible; I bought a copy to show to friends.

Point: FAIR analyzed 393 TV interviews held on broadcast media during the war, then tallied the proportions of pro-war and anti-war interviewees. Results: 390 pro-war experts, 3 anti-war. Mainstream media falls down completely in its job. There is no discussion, no debate. General Wesley Clarke was on CNN more or less continuously throughout the war. Would a fair and balanced media not give equal time to a peace expert? This is the marriage between military and media. Media’s responsibility goes unfulfilled.

If we can’t rely on our media for information, what have we got? Where do we turn?

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  1. Amy Goodman deserves a pulitzer prize for journalism.

    I am surprised someone hasn’t snapped her up,
    must be her scruples!

    94.1 MHz (FM) KPFA airs DemocracyNow! from 6am to 7am and from 9am to 10am weekdays.
    But then you don’t get to see all the images they show, so I tend to watch the stream over the net.

    I do not know of any local cable or satelite that carry the show.
    I wish they would, I may consider some type of pay-tv then…eek….I have no time as it is…

    So, you can buy a copy of Amy’s special…..hmmm…
    …I gotta run and buy a copy of that ASAP!!!


    Lennon Legend is just awsome btw…really great remixes and fantastic imagry. Yoko has outdone herself.

  2. RE: Fiercely Independent
    Yes a coincidence that could even be consicered ironic. Obviously we are not “fiercely independent” of each other.

    RE: Fair and Balanced
    I used to believe the internet could be the savior of fair and balanced reporting. You know, power to the people and all that. Now I sadly realize It is just another weapon of propaganda and hype.

    Hi – I think this is an old strand but I want people to know the video
    “Independent MEdia in a TIme of War”, which I helped to produce is online for all to watch at the above url.

    CHECK IT OUT! Even better to buy it off the democracynow website. Most importantly, share it with others who might not be as media-savvy as you are.


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