World Beard Championship

world_beard.jpgMust see BBC: Winner of the World Beard Championship (be sure to see the Follicle Wonders gallery … Can’t afford an iPod? There’s a cheaper way … Many amazing mechanical wonders at World Power SystemsWill Ferrell’s graduation speech to Harvard’s Class of 2003 … Worst album covers ever … You need an airzookaCardea : The body of Segway, the head of a robot (because the Segway has too many wheels) … The letter ‘E’ enlargedBob Log III had a telephone grafted to his face mask, plays guitar and floor tom at the same time, has boob scotch underwear for sale … Got PHP? Got an image? Build your own stereogram … Dubya has his own blog, and it’s nearly indistinguishable from the dullest blog in the world … Old Ziff-Davis buddy John Hargrave calls Apple support … Wish I was Japanese so I could use this gorgeous wooden keyboard … Robert Fripp offers a blessingThe power of Photoshop … If ever I were to admit there’s such a thing as a perfect car, the 1963 Fiat 500 Cinquecento Giardiniera is surely it … Jenny Holzer’s Truisms, including: “it is heroic to try to stop time” … mac breakdown at UC Berkeley … So wonderful to be reminded of the amazing Pippi Longstocking … Recently heard of people asking for change with cardboard signs saying “Help the ~/less” … Fo shizzle my nizzle.

Music: Ralph Carney :: Peru Boo

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