If Voting Could Change Things

Mary Hodder posted an entry in the J-School’s bIPlog on the leak of certain internal Diebold memos. Diebold is sending cease and desist letters to universities whose students link to said leaks, and Swarthmore is falling for it. What’s really amazing about the memos is what they reveal about the attitude of the company to which our government has given millions of dollars to build voting machines. Choice quote: “If voting could really change things, it would be illegal .” Mary’s story was slashdotted, and we’re at 20x traffic today. The XServe’s handling it without a blip.

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  1. You know – call me a cynic, but as a faithful reader of the comp.risks digests I wasn’t the least surprised by neither the sorry state of the voting machines’ security nor Diebold’s reaction.

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