Like an Asteroid Hitting the Earth

Oops, Dave Barry’s finger slipped and he ended up accidentally publishing the phone number of the American Telemarketers Association. Hope that didn’t inconvenience anyone there who, I dunno, maybe didn’t want to be called?

Oops, looks like the ATA got a bunch of unwanted phone calls. Thanks Jeff C.

My new favorite anti-telemarketer tactic: Feign interest and get caller hooked, then ask them to please hold. Put phone down and walk away. Waste someone’s time? Never!

Music: Pablo Casals :: Suite No. 5 in C minor

2 Replies to “Like an Asteroid Hitting the Earth”

  1. I saw on the news that one in ten calls actually nets a sale for these telemarketers.

    In the same segment an interview with a telemarketer who was upset that the National Do Not Call list would be putting an end to her “career”.

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