Double Your Yuan

Just went to register domains for the China and the Internet class, who wanted both .org and .cn domains. To my amazement, the totals showed dotster charging 2.5x more for .cn domains than for “standard” TLDs. Well blow me down. Bopped over to the well-loathed Verisign, and found they won’t even sell you a .cn. Checked several other registrars and found the same — either they won’t do it or they charge a wad. Wonder what the hang is. It’s a line in a database, how can one take more effort than another?

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  1. I’m guessing that there is a lot more ‘red tape’ involved in registering a .cn domain.

    It’s quite possible that China applies strict regulations (which are quite probably inscrutable and perversely open to interpretation) for the use of it’s domain.

  2. My guess is that with all the big-time spammers using .cn domains these days for their nefarious activities the registrars just see an easy opportunity to Make Big Bucks. (A lot of anti-spammers just plain block anything coming from .cn domains, the problem is that bad.)

  3. Spain has officially decided that top level domains should be expensive so that they, and Spain, remain “1st Class”. That doesn’t explain why lower level .es domains like cost even more. Impenetrable beaurocracy, total lack of transparency and some names even “not allowed”.

    €72.12 to register, €48 to renew.

    A recent piece here, if you can grok the translation:

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