Curious George at the Apple Store

The repair permissions trick ultimately didn’t work (I knew it wouldn’t), so back to the Apple Store to drop off the box for repair. Irks me no end that Apple will not give you a SuperDrive to install yourself. Ten minutes and problem could be solved, but no, they want the whole machine, want to ship it to Infinite Loop or wherever their repair monkeys live, and ship it back. I can appreciate that they want to “control the experience,” top to bottom, reduce injection of foreign objects into the hardware, but shoot, I’d be willing to sign a waiver. It’s both insulting and a waste of time.

Anyway. Took Miles with me. When he was there a week ago, we showed him the Curious George game on one of the eMacs, and he seemed to enjoy, even though he’s too young even for the preschool levels. This time he started pointing and grunting as soon as we got in the store. Persisted until I put him down. He ran across the store and plopped himself down in front of Curious George. Started whacking at the keyboard, smiling ear to ear, squealing. Uh-oh.

And I’m computerless for a week, stealing time on Amy’s machine after hours.

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