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Al Gore is apparently looking into purchasing an entire news network, which he would fashion into an antidote to the predominant conservative media. Going after Fox with something that might actually resemble “fair and balanced?” They’re casting it not as a leftist media outlet per se, but as a sane info source on the landscape. Former chairman of the FCC says:

“We’re not trying to fight fire with fire; we’re trying to fight fire with cold water.”

Al Franken says::

“[people are] listening to NPR not because it’s left-wing information, but because it’s information.”

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll finds that 45% of Americans think the media is too liberal. That must be mostly the same chunk who think Saddam attacked the U.S. Wait, no, that was 70%.

Update 10/14/03: The network is now being re-cast not as a liberal outlet, but as a news network for youth (under 25).

“Liberal TV is dead on arrival,” said an insider advising Mr. Gore and his team. “You just can’t do it.”

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  1. US media too liberal? Ah, now there’s something to laugh about. From afar it looks like it’s quite well controlled actually, maybe i’m wrong.

    Shame really, it’s supposed to be the “land of the free” (or home of the free, not sure sorry), but it seems only when it doesn’t harm the powers that be.

  2. Iraq did attack the US. At least, they attacked me.

    Whenever people are gassed for no other reason than their ethnicity, I consider that an attack on myself and all freedom-loving people everywhere.

    I know it’s not what you meant, but does that make my stance any less valid?

    Click that link to feel like me.

  3. I read a review of “Dude, Where’s my Country” recently – I can’t remember the exact wording but it was something like “the first half of this book will come as little surprise to residents of the UK, where we have a far more balanced and inquisitive media than the USA” – actually, it sounded a lot less “we’re better than you” than that does, but it drove home the point.

  4. Agree with “mneptok! And stop presuming that American people are stupid: we have media, blogs, Internet with access to any resource from anywhere in the world, short-wave radios, cable and dishes, etc etc etc. We are not restricted to what we listen and what we say. So you can assume that we are stupid and you can say it! It does not make you right. Remmember: in Soviet Union (I am from the USSR) saying something against people as a whole would make you an “enemy of the state”. You are lucky man! But not those people who were under Saddam, or Cubans, or N. Koreans. So say whatever you want.

  5. Hi
    One day after a heated debate about Canada being voted the best place to live in the world, by the UN. My father inlaw, who’s a retired US air force master sergent, told me that the military teaches they are the lost tribe of Job, and they shall inherit the earth.
    With what’s going on in the world to day this makes me wonder. They say things like:one country under god, and in god we trust on USA money. Does the bible have anything that could support or be twisted to make them believe that? No
    Maybe you should ask yourself if this is true?
    sincerely ,worried

  6. Hey,I was watching International Newsworld today and I seen terrorist at work. It was a young Minister, in the USA, telling children that if they didn’t live the christan way that they would burn in hell forever. I’am a non-religious man that find this to be inmoral,down right distasteful.One day my 3 yrs. old came home from daycare and ask me if we nailed people to crosses.He was disturbed by this. Christans are terrorizing children all the time with their stupid religion and not just their children.Why to christan do this? Are christans doing these things in other counties,like Iraq.Maybe this is why USA got attacked.Maybe that why the america’s freedom fighter threw gernades at his forces,maybe only christan are free to terrorize IN the USA.

  7. HI, this is Bhoja raj Dhakal I am from Nepal actually I want to make this world very peace. I alwayse pray god(chrest)Please make our world very peace

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