Classical Gas

Feeling under the weather, channel surfing. Home Shopping Channel is selling electric guitars and amps, showing you how easy it is to play “just like those 70s rockers,” and they bring in a master guitarist to prove it. Dude jabs out a few licks from Hall and Oates, the guitar/amp combos fly off the shelves at $179.99. Then they bring out a classical guitar. They know they can’t convince the viewer how easy it would be to pluck Segovia, so try another tack:

“Ed, this is the kind of guitar that’s so beautiful you buy it for its looks alone. Even if you can’t play, it will look great sitting on a rack in a corner of your living room.”

Kid you not.

Music: Rufus Wainwright :: Baby

One Reply to “Classical Gas”

  1. They should’ve had some guy come out and smash the electric guitar. “No matter whether or not you can play it, this guitar will look great flying to pieces when you slam it against your kitchen floor.”

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