John’s Wedding


Weekend in Central Coast : Brother John married Jamie Sheridan after several years of Tru Luv® at Sycamore Mineral Springs in Avila Beach. Classic, non-denominational, lovely law-enforcement wedding (John is a sheriff of 10 years, Jamie is daughter of a cop and is herself a prison guard). Both of them are adventure-hungry – he proposed to her after scuba diving with sharks in a great undersea basin in Belize. He’s also way into no-holds-barred mixed martial arts. Dangerous couple.

I was the best man, stood by my bro on the altar to bear witness etc. Gave the big toast – three minute allotment I parlayed into seven, but it was fun. Oh, did you say toast? I thought you said “roast.” :)

Miles wore a dashing blue satin Chinese outfit, cut a rug, slept on Amy’s back, danced on my shoulders, kept his cool. He’s turned out to be mostly a breeze in public, we’re blessed.

Much love and respect to John and Jamie. Congratulations!

Music: Angelo Badalamenti :: Sycamore Trees

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  1. Wow! I cant believe you went through all that effort for your no good loser brother!! You must be quite a guy!

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