Miles Points

A few days before his first birthday, and Miles can point to objects in a book by name. In “Clifford the Big Red Dog” he can show you cars, airplanes, trucks, houses when you ask him where they are. In “Baby Animals” he can point out the duck. Then he goes to the bathtub and gets his rubber ducky, brings it back to compare and contrast.

This morning he demonstrated that he knows that keys go in keyholes. Keyholes that he’s never seen us use. i.e. he’s seen us use the door, but we’ve never locked or unlocked the filing cabinet, which is what he’s trying to do right now.

His passion for FireWire (pictured) and other cables continues unabated. However, his favorite grown-up toy is probably the iMic — endless swinging, chewing, dragging joy. I’m resigned to it.

Music: Les Baxter :: Temple Of Gold

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